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1 1   Moringa, Vitamins + Potassium
Our beloved Moringa Powder. One serving of Moringa Powder contains well over 100% of your daily Vitamin A requirements. Moringa Oleifera is loaded Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6 & B7. Moringa is unique in that it contains high amounts of all 5 of these essential B Vitamins. Essential B Vitamins Thiamine, Riobflavin and Niacin are abundant Moringa Oleifera. Moringa also is rich in Potassium. With 3 Times the Potassium of Bananas, Moringa Powder is an awesome source of Potassium. Does your body ache or feel fatigued at times? Are you still tired even though you’ve stuck to your diet and you’ve gotten exercise? Do you get migraines and headaches during the day, yet feel insomnia and anxiousness at night? Have you been finding it hard to focus because your mind just doesn’t feel right? This is likely because your body is lacking Potassium.
2 2   Moringa Oleifera Nutritional Content

When compared with everything else Moringa Oleifera Contains:

  • 4 Times More Calcium than Milk
  • 7 Times More Vitamin C as Oranges
  • 3 Times More Potassium as Bananas
  • 4 Times More Vitamin A as Carrots
  • 2 Times More Protein than Milk
3 3   Reasons why you must start taking moringa

Moringa powder is made by shade drying fresh moringa oleifera leaves and gently grinding and finely milling them into a fine moringa powder. It takes 4 pounds of fresh moringa leaves to create just 8oz of Moringa Powder! The powder form is great for adding into healthy shakes (usually just one tablespoon), sprinkled in soups and on salads to immediately give them an amazing nutrient boost, or the easily soluble powder is simply mixed with a juice or water. If kept sealed and in a cool, dry place, Moringa Powder will last up to 6 months without losing any of it’s nutritional values even without chemical preservation because we like and recommend it naturaly.

Moringa Oleifera has dozens of health benefits and there are many studies underway on just how Moringa can help fight against diabetes, cataracts, HIV and many other diseases. But until more scientific studies are done, patients — particularly of HIV, tuberculosis, and diabetes — should not forgo their clinical medications for use of Moringa as a substitute.

Moringa Oleifera, with all it’s nutritional benefits, can work wonders for your health, but it should not be used as a miracle cure for serious illnesses.

Please read the full article here: times.co.sz

4 4   Lots of Benefits Moringa can provide

The Carbohydrates to Fiber ratio of Moringa Powder is 2 to 1. This means for every 2 grams of Carbohydrates there is 1 gram of Fiber. According to Harvard Health — A Carb ratio of 10-1 is considered healthy and a Carb to Fiber ratio of 6-1 is recommended for most diets (100% whole grain bread has a 6-1 ratio for example). There are many reasons why fiber is essential to a healthy life. You can read more about Fiber’s Benefits at MayoClinic.com. But the most important thing to note here is that yes, Moringa does have Carbohydrates, but it also has the Fiber to balance it out. The only other natural plant products with a better Carb to Fiber ratio are Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, and Coconut Fiber.

Moringa powder is high in protein, amino acids, and vitamins. But it is also has vast amounts of important minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium. It’s these minerals which will provide energy and mental strength (willpower!) when you would normally crash and give in to your cravings.

We’ve all know or have seen someone with cataracts. A cataract is when the area inside your eye where your pupil is becomes cloudy. It usually starts in one eye then moves to the other. It’s a very unpleasant sight, but it is increasingly becoming more and more common. In fact, it is estimated that more than one third of people over 65 have one or more eye which has developed cataracts.

What can you do to prevent cataracts?  Take Moringa!

A study done in 2010 showed that flavanoids from Moringa Oleifera worked remarkably well in preventing and stopping the development of cataracts.


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